The City of Tyler has initiated a community planning process to prepare a Strategic Historic Preservation Plan. The purpose of the Plan is to formulate realistic and achievable strategies for enhancing the City’s current historic preservation program and initiatives. The City of Tyler has long been recognized as a leader for preserving and revitalizing its significant historic resources while undertaking successful planning efforts to revitalize Downtown Tyler and surrounding neighborhood districts. With this Plan, the Tyler community desires to build on these past successes while recognizing that additional efforts are needed to identify priority areas for preservation in order to shape the City’s urban form, character and overall economic development, as well as sustain a higher quality of life for all Tyler citizens. The City has engaged the Lakota Group, a preservation planning firm based in Chicago, Illinois to help create the Plan.

A well-researched and prepared Strategic Historic Preservation Plan is one that is produced with the input and participation of the citizens and stakeholders of Tyler. Along these lines, direct involvement by community members is welcomed and strongly encouraged – we want your input!  The process for preparing the Plan is comprised of
two major phases:



The two phases with related project milestones is depicted below.  The project is scheduled for completion by April 2017 and is partially funded by the Texas Historical Commission through a Certified Local Government Grant.

16008 - Preservation Plan Project Timeline

Project Timeline


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